Sunday, January 23, 2011

Shake Those Winter Blues!

This morning I was greeted with a few inches of fresh snow and temperatures well below zero.  I wanted nothing more than to crawl back into bed and stay there until spring.  It's the dead of winter in Northern Michigan and the simplest daily activities seem like tedious chores.  Shoveling the sidewalk, warming up the car, scraping thick layers of ice off my car windows, and at times shoveling my car out of the snow bank, all must be done before I even leave the house.  I also feel like I'm permanetly frozen, no matter how many layers of clothing I pile on.

With the worst month of the year (February) quickly approaching, I decided over my cappuccino this morning to make a list of all the things to look forward to in the coming weeks...

Only 20 days until pitchers and catchers start
Valentines Day - an excuse to eat as much chocolate as my little heart desires!
An excuse to guzzle down as much coffee as I can to keep warm
Top Chef on Wednesday nights
My baby brother starting his first year of college baseball
Everyday the sun sets a tiny bit later
Taster's Guild!!!
My first column will be published this Thursday
Lobdell's, our student restaurant, opening in 2 weeks
Dinner at Blu with my classmates :)
Another month or two of snowboarding

So, even though the weather has the ability to bring my spirits down, I'm not going to let it.  There are too many things to look forward to and be thankful for this winter!  What is on your list of things to get you through the winter months?

My coffee this morning reminded me of a little trivia from class last week...
Which of the following food groups do coffee beans belong to?
a. legumes
b. seeds
c. nuts
d. grains

To be continued....


  1. 1. Dinner at Blu.
    2. Soft opening of Lobdell's for Family.
    3. The release of the new Foo Fighters album.
    4. Taste the Passion~Wine, Chocolate & Love Wine event February 5th (I'll be working it).
    5. I finally get my Master Mason degree in February.
    6. Taster's Guild.
    7. Coffee (of course)
    8. I'm traveling to Utah.
    9. TC Pond Hockey Tournament next weekend.
    10. I'm buying a new amp for my guitar.

  2. To get me through the winter months.....the smell of fresh ground Kona Coffee Beans soon to be made into espresso topped off with hazelnut creamer, a fresh pot of chili on the stove, pristine snow that has just been "de-pristined" by my grandchildren's foot prints!