Thursday, February 21, 2013

Gratitude Card

As stated on my previous post, one of the things on the list of ways to take care of myself, was to keep a gratitude card. When I first started treatment, I did this as a way to get myself through each day. I would take a regular note card, keep it with me all day, and try to remember to jot down happy things that took place during that day. Just before bed, I would go over the list as a reminder of all the little things that happened; often times forgetting about them because my brain was consumed by the negative thoughts and occurrences.

Why does that always happen to me? It seems like I am much better at focusing on all of the negative parts of the day and in return, the positives are left behind. Being the perfectionist that I am, this makes it difficult to simply have a good day. Yesterday I challenged myself and put the good ole note card to work.

Here is the list of things I was grateful for yesterday:

My morning coffee
Muzzy curled up in bed with me before I got dressed and ready for the day
 Heated seats in my car
A guest post on one of my favorite blogs!! (Read here- I'm proud of this one!)
Concepts my sociology class is teaching me- even if that makes me a nerd
The ability to actually concentrate on something other than food
The sun came out this afternoon
Bacon on my BLT for lunch
Emails from my best friend
Positive, supportive people in my life
The last cupcake just for me
My afternoon nap
Classmates who help me out
Sweat pants at the end of the day
Finishing my homework
Improving communication with my parents
Feeling prepared for my biology quiz tomorrow
Muzzy, my study buddy

Today wasn't perfect and I typically would have ended my day thinking about what went wrong. I actually started writing this post about something not so positive, but then I remembered my gratitude card and my thoughts instantly shifted. 

It's amazing what a simple note card can do.



  1. As always Sissy, THANK YOU, for sharing your journey, it's helping me too!!! XOXOOXOX

    1. As always Sandy, THANK YOU, for your support! I'm grateful every day <3

  2. I'm loving this gratitude card idea, I may have to give it a shot.

    Also on another note I'm a huge soc nerd :)

    1. Thanks Kelli! You should try it.... Go soc :) :)

  3. What a wonderful idea! I'm so glad that I read this with my morning coffee- I'm going to give this a shot today! Thank you so much for sharing your journey with your ED. Reading your blog has helped me so much with my own.

    1. Hey Jessica! Thanks so much for the comment! Let me know how the gratitude card goes- good luck! <3