Saturday, January 3, 2015

An Unexpected Loss

On New Year's Eve my boyfriend's younger brother received news that his girlfriend had a massive seizure.
Less than twenty-four hours later she unexpectedly passed.
She was nineteen years old. 

Just four days prior to her seizure, I sat next to her at a family Christmas party and she told me about how much she loved the gifts she received from her boyfriend. We laughed while playing a gag gift Chinese auction and laughed at how hilarious their family is. She was perfectly healthy and happy just four days prior to this unexpected crisis.

This will weigh heavily on our hearts for quite sometime as we attempt to make sense of it. No one should ever have to lose a child. No one should ever have to lose a girlfriend or a friend or a sister or a student or a smile that bright. Luckily, I have never lost someone in such an unexpected manner (knock on wood), so it is difficult for me to begin to comprehend how something like this would feel. I'm sure the initial shock of this loss will take awhile to wear off as the family experiences the first year without her. 

My boyfriend's brother did his best to approach the situation with grace and maturity. While she was still in the hospital, he had the opportunity to say goodbye before her passing. He told her, "If you go I'll be okay. If you stay I'll love you forever," and continuously calls her his angel. I have to give him so much credit for having the courage to stand by her side during her final moments. I'm not sure if I would be strong enough to let go of the one I love.

The upcoming week will be incredibly emotional as we say say our final goodbyes, but we will keep reminding ourselves that the big guy upstairs needed her for something more important. Sometimes life just doesn't make sense. All we can do for now is hug our loved ones a little tighter and enjoy this precious life while we can. 


If you would like help out please click here to show your support and donate to epilepsy research. 

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