Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Anna Rexia Costume?!

I stumbled across this, this morning....

Anna Rexia, the eating disorder Halloween costume

"Every year at Halloween, we've come to expect costumes that depict political figures, comic book characters and otherworldly beings, but what about dressing up like a serious eating disorder?

The costume known as Anna Rexia, a getup that makes a mockery of the disease anorexia, features a tight black dress with skeleton detail down the front, measuring tape to tie around your shrinking waist and neck, Anna Rexia heart name tag (in case people don't get it) and a bone barrette to put in your hair."  (The full article is here- Anna Rexia Costume)

I can't even think clearly enough to form a logical sentence. Is this really what our society has come to?! Last week I saw an article about Disney creating a Skinny Minnie Mouse (Skinney Minnie Article); and now this? Why is the only acceptable weight in our society unhealthy? Eating disorders are the number one cause of death for all mental health disorders in the United States. And someone thought it was funny enough to make a costume out of it?

I'm disgusted.


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  1. This makes me sick. Not okay, whatsoever. And the sickest part- some girls are actually going to buy the costume and wear it, and then make fun of girls who actually have a real illness.