Monday, October 29, 2012

Thin Trap

My body image has been atrocious lately, which inevitably leads to the “I miss being thin” trap. And yes, that is partially true, but what stops me from romanticizing that image is knowing that the mental instability that I was feeling at that point was unbearable. I never want to be at that place again. Plus, all I saw was a distorted self-image, so why would I try to seek something I is know is unattainable?


I also found some pretty awesome throwback Halloween pictures today. I can't stop laughing... 


  1. oh my goodness i have never seen that photo of Lars. STRIKE A POSE, SEXY! (this is your cousin, Linny, btw)

    1. hahaha yes, I did his make up that day. ;)
      He would kill me if he knew these were on here...