Tuesday, November 6, 2012

F-Word Part II

Earlier this year I wrote about the "F-Word," meaning food. At that exact moment I was in the middle of my weight restoration and hated everything about food. Yet to be convinced that I would ever look at food in a positive way ever again, I quickly became frustrated, fragile, fearful, fatigued, and fed up.

Yesterday was a strenuous day for me. After being on my feet all day, I was reminded of days past when I would repeatedly work as long and hard as I could, only because I wanted to burn calories. Multiple times I remember being so worn down that I could hardly finish my shift. Simple, everyday tasks made me forgetful and frazzled. Putting myself in a similar situation was more triggering than I expected it would be.

However, on my drive home last night, I realized my head wasn't pounding or felt the need to fall asleep at the wheel. Thanks to my new favorite f-word, "fuel," I was not only able to get through the day, but actually enjoyed myself at the same time. I no longer have to live in a famished, fat free, and food snob world.

Finally, I am free to enjoy my favorite foods without any fear... And that's just fabulous.



  1. WOWZER KABOWZERS!!!! heeeee YEEEHAAAA....HOLY CRAP PRGROGRESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-) This makes me so happy to read this...I've read it 10 times!!! haaaaaaaaaa LUVMUCH ALWAYS!!!

    1. Hahaha your comments always make my day! <3 you!