Sunday, November 4, 2012

Monkey Love

I just received a very heart felt request from a good friend of mine for some sock monkeys. She is one of the first people I met along my recovery journey while I was still in Grand Rapids. Needless to say, this made me reach for my box of Kleenex. Her reasoning is spot on. It explains perfectly why I am such a monkey freak. Enjoy.

"That sounds great. I would like five please. I need one in different pinks, one in boy colors (blues or something?), an extremely girly one, one with purples and blues, and then one that you want me to have. One that you would see as me, for me only, and one that when I look at I'll have a positive feeling of hope from you. (asking a lot, I know!)
My reasoning for wanting the monkeys is a symbol of what happened to me. I'm going to surprise my brother, two sisters and mom with them, and I want one for myself. I want them to remember not only what we went through, but the fact that we came out stronger and better then ever. I want our symbol to be your sock monkeys because you went through it too and now look at you! You're doing so well and you're happy and healthy! That's all I could ask for for all of us."

Realizing how far we have come & how strong we remain is the best feeling ever. Thanks for the reminder KLM! :)



  1. Love you so much Kelsi! We are in this together,always! <3
    KLM :)

    1. Can't WAIT for our mani/pedi date! Love you always! <3