Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Griswald Holiday Stress Reliever

Much like the week before Thanksgiving, I'm beginning to get anxious about Christmas, New Years and the week in between. There's something about food centered holidays that makes me want to curl up in bed for the week and not come out until every last Christmas cookie has been eaten.

Last week a comment was made to me about how the holiday season should be easier for me this year, right? Wrong. I think the opposite is true. This year potentially could be more difficult than ever. Yes, I have reached a healthy weight and I continue to stick to my meal plan, but that isn't the magical cure. At times, that expectation to be perfectly fine around food is the most difficult part for me to deal with.


After watching Christmas Vacation for the 12th time since Black Friday and laughing equally as hard each time, I realized that my holiday season stress could be much worse. Looking back, I can think of a few holiday meals that have been similar to the Griswald Christmas dinner, but nothing has ever been that bad. As I have discovered on this recovery journey, laughter really is the best medicine and sometimes a little silliness seems to temporarily relieve some of my anxieties.

This might not be my most profound progression post, Clark Griswald is involved for goodness sakes, but sometimes a little stupid humor can help solve my problems. 


This is my favorite of all time, I couldn't leave it out.

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