Thursday, May 30, 2013

Goodbye Beauty Limitations

"You are the only person who is in charge of how you feel about yourself. 
 Nobody else can possibly do that. 
You get to decide if you believe you are beautiful or not, 
and nobody can take it away from you. 
If someone suggests that you aren’t beautiful, 
you can consider how sad it is that they have such a limited view of beauty. 

You can consider how unfortunate it is that they have 
such an exaggerated sense of self-importance 
that they think you should care about what they think. 
You can also choose to realize that it has nothing at all to do with your beauty 
and everything to do with their limitations."
 -Ragen Chastain

 A friend of mine sent me this quote yesterday and I am still grinning from ear to ear. I love it that much. Way too much of my life has been spent worrying about what others think of me and now that I have finally let go of those thoughts, life is pretty awesome. Just because we live in a society that puts so-called limitations on beauty does not mean we need to abide by them.

Most of you have probably seen this video already, but it needs to be shown again. It makes me smile every single time. 

 "Beauty isn’t between a size 0 and 8. It’s not a number at all. It’s not physical."



  1. Kelsi,
    I don't know how it is you always know what it is I need to hear but thank you :)

    1. You're very welcome, Miss Kelli :) I'm still laughing at the baseball song by the way haha.

  2. Beauty is the radiance that shines from the smile and is exuded by the gait of a young woman who is content with who she is and happy to be where she is.

    I sense you are content with who you are and happy to be where you are, I feel as if that explains your true beauty Miss Kelsi. (At least in part, good genetics probably helps a lil :p)

    1. I think that might be the best comment ever. Thank you :)

  3. I feel good to read your post because I feel a sense of freedom. This was my first time to watch the video. It made me laugh and also cry for my struggle. Thank you. xoxo

    1. Aw, it was not my intension to make you cry at all. It's always nice to have a little reminder that you too can have that freedom <3

  4. I LOVE that quote! I copied it and added it to my collection! I also loved the video, not only because Ellen is just so freakin awesome, but because the message rings is no defined by our size of clothes, but rather what we are inside and how we think about ourselves! If we believe we are truly beautiful, nobody will ever be able to take that away from us<3

    1. I couldn't have said it better myself, Tayla! :)

  5. Love this quote! Finally getting round to sitting down with a cup of coffee and reading through all your blogs Kelsi! Keep up the good work - you're such an inspiration!

    P.S: Stealing this quote for Stomach It's face book page :)