Monday, June 10, 2013

100 Reasons...

This is my 100th post of the year already. That means I either have way too much time on my hands or I need to celebrate. Maybe it's a little of both, but I always like having a reason to celebrate. Recovery and this blog have both been life changing. One year ago if you would have told me this is where I would be today, I would have laughed in your face. I'm feeling incredibly grateful this morning.

Today I am going to take the time to list 100 reasons why I am grateful for this day in honor of my 100th post. Lately I have been caught up in all of the things that aren't going so well, but I have had enough of that. Expressing gratitude is a much better way to shape my mood.

1. A second chance at life  
2. Kaila  
3. Reese's peanut butter cups 
4. Taylor Swift breakup songs when I need them most
5. The sun is shining  
6. The support I have received though this blog 
7. RCC 
8. My sense of humor 
9. A warm, comfy bed
10. Coffeeeee
11. The return of strong hair and nails thanks to recovery
12. My parents never ending love and support
13. Hammocks and good books
14. Smiles to start my day
15. Kenzie
16. Emails from my fellow Hungry Ghost
17. Sock monkeys
18. Being back in school
19. Getting 100% on my most recent test
20. Snapchat
21. A hot shower this morning
22. Afternoon walks
23. All of you reading this right now
24. Having cousins that have my back no matter what
25. New found ability to sit with uncomfortable emotions
26. Summertime!
27. Lazy kayak floats down the river with my mom and crazywoman ;)
28. Finally finding my assertive voice
29. A new found excitement about the future
30. Dark chocolate
31. Past mistakes
32. ...and lessons learned
33. My renewed health after years of damage
34. Relationships made at RCC 
35. And my FVH girls
36. A reliable car and a full tank of gas
37. Imperfections
38. Carrie Arnold
39. Writing for Libero Network
40. Finding strength in struggle
41. Relaxation
42. Improving body image
43. Anyone willing to go against society's beauty limitations
44. Genuine, uncontrollable laughter
45. Non-judgmental friends
46.No more secrets
47. Or running away from life
48. A brother who supports me
49. Maintenance calories and weight
50. A fresh start every morning
51. Bacon
52. Sobriety
53. My kind heart
54. Social networking and today's technology
55. Random acts of kindness
56. The wisdom I'm gaining as I get older
57. Freshly baked cookies
58. Realizing I am good enough
59. A good night's sleep
60. A good cry
61.Welcoming hugs from family members
62. "Thinking of you" notes
63. Headstands at Cronkright Christmas parties
64. No serious financial problems
65. So many amazing opportunities in my life
66. Quotes like this: "Beauty is the radiance that shines from the smile and is exuded by the gait of a young woman who is content with who she is and happy to be where she is."
67. Change, even though I hate it sometimes
68. Having a beach day planned this weekend :)
69. Mascara
70. A new relationship with food
71. Cool breezes on a warm day
72. No more lying and manipulating those closest to me
73. Fresh flowers
74. Peace and quiet
75. Knowing I can survive difficult times
76. Constantly feeling a sense of accomplishment thanks to recovery
77. Finding myself without my eating disorder
78. My culinary school adventure, even if I'm not sure what it's purpose in my life is yet
79. Nutella
80. Finally finding a career path that feels right
81. A taste of failure
82. People who just "get" me
83. A roof over my head
84. Ability to rebuild trust that was once lost
85. Having my license back
86. A restored metabolism
87. My faith
88. Song lyrics that perfectly fit my mood
89. Patience with myself and others
90. Hot tubs
91. Morning itself, my favorite time of day
92. Muzzyboo
93. Acceptance - of myself and others, the past and the present
94. My dreams for the future
95. Inner peace
96. Tears of joy
97. Freedom
98. Strength and courage to continue
99. A fighting spirit

100. Progress


  1. This is beautiful and inspiring and invigorating. I am where you are now in your recovery... but I'm in Ireland!.... I adore this post so much but the icing on the (reese's peanut butter cup) cake is the fact that I have german short-haired pointers too. When you're down and they come and lay their head on your knee..the big soppy fools are worth living for alone!! Xx Thank you for sharing...this is what life is about

    1. Aww, yes! German short hairs do make life so much better. I always say that mine is the weirdest dog ever, but I think German shorthairs are just like that in general. They have such sweet, loving souls. :)

  2. You are such an encouragement and a positive influence in my life -- thank you so much for this list and inspiring me to find the marvelous things in life.

  3. I LOVE THIS! by the way congrats on your 100th post! I'm the same way, if someone would of told me I would be where I am one or two years ago (when I started recovery) I wouldn't of believed them, but here I am. Living!

    1. It's crazy to think about everything that can change in such a short period of time... That's another thing I am grateful for. :)

  4. Every one of those reasons is valid and true and... well... wonderful!
    so glad that you chose to celebrate. cos who doesnt love a chance to chuck on a party hat and say, WOOYEEEAH - im doing okay!!!

    but in actual fact, you're doing more than okay... you're doing great :)
    hugs to you lovely xxx

    1. Celebrating really is one of my favorite things. We need to celebrate together soon! <3

  5. The list is so wonderful, and what a progress within such a short time! I would say that you are a fast learner =) So grateful to have you in my recovery journey. It is encouraging me to make my own gratitude list :) Always many thanks to you... xoxo

    1. You should make a list and let me know how it goes! :)

  6. Hey kelsi, I have been reading your blog for a while now. I love it. I'm currently in a place where I think I want to recover but am still stuck in my ana mind. You're always very encouraging, I hope I can be like you one day. Maybe I will get some real help. Its so hard to let go, because I cannot imagine my life without an eating disorder. I guess we will see. Sorry for rambling, Haha. Thank you for writing this and being so honest and real. It means the world to me.

    1. Alaina - Thank you for such a thoughtful comment. Letting go of the ana voices and finding yourself without the disorder is no easy task, but it is absolutely possible. Not too long ago I was feeling the same way you do now. Hang in there! Don't ever apologize for rambling. That's what this blog is here for! :)

  7. Beautiful list, I enjoyed reading. :) Remembering gratitude during times of stress is really important.