Monday, June 17, 2013

Taking Risks

“Great people do things before they’re ready. 
They do things before they know they can do it. 
And by doing it, they’re proven right. 
Because, I think there’s something inside of you—
and inside of all of us—
when we see something and we think, 
“I think I can do it, I think I can do it. But I’m afraid to.” 
Bridging that gap, doing what you’re afraid of, 
getting out of your comfort zone, taking risks like that—
THAT is what life is. 

And I think you might be really good. 
You might find out something about yourself that’s special. 
And if you’re not good, who cares? You tried something. 
Now you know something about yourself. 
Now you know. A mystery is solved. 
So, I think you should just give it a try. 
Just inch yourself out of that back line. 
Step into life. 
Yes. Go. Now.”
-Amy Poehler

 I cannot even begin to count the number of times I have chosen not to try something because I was afraid. There are new risks and challenges to be faced every single day in recovery, but I tend to wait until it is too late to chase after the important things. After getting out of town and spending some much needed time with my best friend this weekend, I am feeling refreshingly motivated. There are so many opportunities out there if I take the time to notice them.

My eating disorder forced me to live in a very rigid and predictable manner. However, I am quickly learning life doesn't stop. There will never be a perfect time to make big changes. Like I have said a million times before, recovery has given me a second chance to take those risks and live my life. Today I am grateful for the frightening, but very necessary risks recovery is continuously forcing me to take.


(p.s. my dinosaur of a computer finally crashed so posts might be lacking this week)


  1. Risks are where its AT.
    Cos if its not scary, its not really challenging you!! (thats what i try to tell myself when im having a meltdown :p)

    1. I really like that! I will remember "risks are where it's AT" the next time I'm freaking out about something. :)

  2. This post tells me what I need to do! Follow my desires even when I am afraid... I know it is as scary as I think... Whatever I feel fear, I need to do it to over come the fear... xoxo

  3. Yes ma'am! And you will face your fears, I have faith in you :)

  4. Taking small risks is a good idea. Even if it is changing up your routine. I understand it can be a scary thing, since I have been there.

    1. It is a scary thing, but it always seems to be worth it in the end.