Friday, July 27, 2012

20 Reasons Recovery is Awesome

It might seem a little extreme to put the words Recovery and Awesome together. Ever. However, with the kind of week I just had, something a little extreme seems necessary.

Here are 20 little reminders to keep me going:

1. I can eat whatever the hell I want! (well, within reason....)
2. With each day, my body looks more like a woman and less like a 12 year old boy.
3. My hair and nails are strong and healthy again.
4. I can order what I really want to eat at a restaurant instead of a salad with fat free dressing on the side.
5. Energy!!
6. My body temperature is higher thanks to my hyperactive metabolism, so I no longer get cold on 90 degree days.
7. I have met some of the most courageous people in the world and made some life long friends.
8. I'm starting to think body weight and sense of humor go hand in hand... I have never laughed this hard in my entire life.
9. I have the perfect excuse to buy an entire new wardrobe :)
10.... And actually fitting into sizes sold at my favorite stores.
11. Food and nourishment has healed my brain and has allowed me to CONCENTRATE again. No more living in a fog.
12. I can share meaningful moments with loved ones rather than run from them.
13. I am not allowed to exercise.... Ahhhh, I will never have an excuse to be this lazy ever again.
14. I feel like I'm starting to actually LIVE my life rather than being disengaged. I feel my feet on the ground, the wind in my hair, stop to smell the roses & my senses can't get enough of it!
15. I'm learning what makes ME happy and slowly finding my authentic self.
16. My day doesn't revolve around food and only food.
17. I'm not completely numb of emotions. Happy, sad, angry, excited, you name it... I no longer feel the need to mask my feelings.
18. I'm eating red meat again and (not surprisingly) bacon is my favorite.
19. I will be able to enjoy holidays again! Hello turkey, mashed potatoes, Christmas cookies, Easter and Halloween candy, birthday cake, my mom's mac n' cheese, and of course my Grandma Cronkright's banana cake.
20. I’ve learned that life isn’t black and white, good or bad, wonderful or terrible, and that living in gray areas is normal, healthy, and even—dare I say it?—rather thrilling.

Maybe recovery is actually pretty awesome after all...


  1. Congratulations on beginning to see it from my point of view. I'm so happy to be reading this! Keep it up, I know there are still hard time but its refreshing to see that you're beginning to admit there are positives and that you're enjoying them; Keep up the hard work!

  2. Saaawwwweeeeetttttt!!! haaaaaa....happy day....and by the way, #14...."wind in my hair".....I SOOOOOOOOOO RELATE!!!! XOXOOXOX LUVUMUCH!! SeDud :)

  3. Each of those reasons but a smile on my face. I am so happy for you that you are finding life again. That you are able to be you. The You that the Lord created you to be. Enjoy each moment. Praying for you and so excited too.